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First Year Accommodation
First Year Accommodation

Joining St John's means belonging to a lively, large and multicultural community.  Making the most of stimulating diversity of activities and opportunities on offer is one of the key benefits of a collegiate environment, and essential to your personal as well as academic development.

St John’s is able to offer accommodation to all undergraduates for the whole duration of their course.

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In the second year students have the choice of sharing with another student and living in college or single accommodation in an undergraduate hostel out of College.  In the third year there is the choice to share or have a single ensuite room in College.  Second and third year undergraduate accommodation is allocated via a ballot system.

In subsequent years you have a wide choice of accommodation and can opt for a single room, share a set of rooms with a room-mate, or live with a group of students in one of our beautiful Victorian houses in the vicinity of the College.

Student rooms at St John's are widely acknowledged to be among the best in Cambridge, all with high-speed internet connection. A kitchen with a fridge and electric hob are close by and laundry facilities are available in the College for use by all members. Charges for the use of this facility are incorporated into the accommodation fee.

The new accommodation model now means that undergraduates keep their rooms during the Christmas and Easter vacations, allowing them to make use of their rooms at any time from late September to late June. Students and their parents alike will be delighted to note that possessions do not have to be transported to and from home at these times.

St John’s College is registered under ANUK/Unipol [The Accreditation Network UK] and has adopted their code of practice for the management of student housing.

This code of practice for the higher education sector may be found at http://www.anuk.org.uk/LargeCode/Revised%20Ed%20establishment%20Code.pdf

Any student having concerns about the standards set out in the code should feel able to approach the relevant Head of Department or the Domestic Bursar.