The Master and Fellows of St John's College

Professor Chris Dobson

Professor Christopher M Dobson

John Humphrey Plummer Prof of Chemical and Structural Biology
Molecular Sciences
Investigation of the fundamental science underlying neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and the development of new strategies for their treatment and prevention.

Dr Annis May Timpson

Director of Education & Senior Tutor
As Fellow at St John’s I lead the Senior Tutor’s Department and work with six teams of colleagues in Admissions, the Academic Office, Graduate Affairs, Student Services, the Health Centre, and the Senior Tutor’s Office.
Leadership training, indigenous politics, language protection, women’s activism and public policy. Area focus: Canada and the UK.

Dr Ruth Heather Abbott

Dr Jean Abraham

Reader in Precision Breast Cancer Medicine
Subject director Biology of Disease

Dr Albertina Albors-Llorens

Director of Studies in Law (Part II)
College Lecturer in Law
University Reader in European Union Law
European Union Law, in particular EU remedies. Competition law in the European Union and the interface between Competition Law and Consumer Protection Law.

Dr Pierpaolo Antonello

College Lecturer in Italian
University Reader in Italian Literature and Culture
Twentieth century Italian writing and intellectual history, Futurism and the Avant-Garde, Literature and Science, Calvino, Postmodern Italian literature, French theory and epistemology (Girard, Serres).

Dr Neil S Arnold

College Lecturer and Director of Studies for Geography
University Lecturer in Geography and the Scott Polar Research Institute
The interactions between ice sheets, glaciers and climate at the present day, and in the past. Interactions between the hydrology and dynamics of glaciers. Mathematical models of these interactions. Development of computer-based, interactive teaching resources.

Dr Andrew Arsan

Director of Studies in History (Part II)
Senior Lecturer in Modern Middle Eastern History
Middle Eastern History
Modern Middle Eastern history and world history.

Professor Mete Atatüre

College Lecturer in Physics
My research group's primary focus is on the optical control of solid-state based mesoscopic quantum systems for the goals of quantum information processing.
Adam wistfully pondering some deep philosophical question...probably

Adam T Bales

Research Fellow in Philosophy
Decision Making
I am interested in the way that we do and should make decisions; in the role that regret and resolution play in our lives; and in the role of practical wisdom.

Professor Graeme W W Barker

Director of Studies of Archaeology
Emeritus Disney Prof of Archaeology
Senior Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Prehistoric archaeology. Landscape and environmental archaeology. Transitions from foraging to farming.

Professor Tim P Bayliss-Smith

University Emeritus Professor of Pacific Geography
Tropical rainforest management, logging and indigenous social institutions in Solomon Islands and Fiji; agricultural intensification and population change in pre-colonial Melanesia.

Professor H Richard L Beadle

College Lecturer in English
Director of Studies in English (Part II)
Medieval English Literature, early history of European drama. Palaeography, textual and editorial studies, the history of the book.

Joanna Bell

College Associate Lectureship in Law

Dr Quentin Berthet

College Lecturer in Statistics
University Lecturer in Statistics

Professor Serena M Best

College Lecturer in Materials Science and Metallurgy
Professor of Materials Science
Materials Science
The production and characterisation of ceramic materials for medical application. The evaluation of bioactive materials for bone replacement and bone repair. The development of a new generation of pharmaceutical biomaterials.

Dr Nicholas Stephen Blunt


Professor Patrick Boyde

Fellow Borderer
Emeritus Prof of Italian
The interaction between Dante’s thought and poetry; Dante and the visual arts; rival theories and styles in the declamation of Homer; the first performance in London (1635) of a play by Corneille (1606-84).

Dr Tristan G Brown

Title A [Junior Research] Fellow
Chinese history of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1636/1644-1912) periods; legal history and property rights; environmental history; cartography and the history of science in China; Chinese religion; Islam and Muslims in China; Manchu studies and the history of minority groups in China

Dr James Bryson

Research Fellow in Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences

Professor Graham J Burton

Mary Marshall and Arthur Walton Professor of the Physiology of Reproduction
Director, Centre for Trophoblast Research
Formerly College Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine
Placental development and function. The role of placental stress in early pregnancy failure, growth restriction and pre-eclampsia. Early fetal nutrition and metabolism, and developmental programming of adult disease.
Tim Button

Dr Tim Button

University Lecturer in Philosophy
College Lecturer in Philosophy
Metaphysics, Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language, Metametaphysics.

Dr Stefano Castelvecchi

College Lecturer in Music
University Lecturer in Music
Eighteenth-and nineteenth-century opera, Mozart and Rossini, textual criticism, genre.

Dr Adam Chau

College Lecturer in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
University Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of Modern China

Dr Andrew Chen

Research Fellow in History of Art
Renaissance art and contemplative practices; function and meaning of art in ritual contexts; ruptures between representation and expectation.

Professor Malcolm A Clarke

College Supervisor in Law
University Professor of Commercial Contract Law
The law of obligations, in particular, the law relating to insurance and to the carriage of goods and passengers.
Dr Sue Colwell

Dr Sue M Colwell

Tutor for Graduate Affairs
College Lecturer in Mathematics for Natural Sciences
Mathematics for Natural Sciences
Non-linear dynamics. Applications to molecular vibration-rotation spectra. Molecular Quantum Mechanics. Time-dependent Density Functional Theory methods for electromagnetic molecular properties.

Professor Simon Conway Morris

University Prof of Evolutionary Palaeobiology
Analysis of evolutionary convergence and role of historical contingency. The Cambrian "explosion" and Burgess Shale-type faunas. Early evolution of the deuterostomes. Debates in science and religion.
Meredith Crowley

Dr Meredith A Crowley

College Lecturer in Economics
University Lecturer in Economics
international trade, trade policy, firms in international trade, law and economics of the GATT/WTO

Dr Orietta Da Rold

College Lecturer in English
University Lecturer in Medieval Literature and the Material Text: 1100-1500
Medieval Literature, Chaucer, Editing, Textual Studies and Medieval British Manuscripts.

Professor Sir Partha S Dasgupta

College Supervisor in Economics
Formerly Frank Ramsey Prof of Economics
Environmental and resource economics. The economics of poor countries. Game theory.
Dr Michael De Volder

Dr Michael F L De Volder

Reader in Nanomanufacturing
College Lecturer in Engineering
Nanoparticle manufacturing and assembly.

Dr Angelo Di Bernardo

Research Fellow in Materials Science
Deputy Dean
Materials Science
hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet systems, spintronics, oxide interfaces, muon spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, nanoscience, bioengineering
Dr Mattias Dörrzapf

Dr Matthias Dörrzapf

Director of International Programmes
College Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Algebraic aspects of quantum field theories, in particular representations of superconformal algebras in conformal field theories and string theories.

Dr Steve A Edgley

Tutor: Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Director of Studies Preclinical Medical and Veterinary studies, Part 1B
University Reader in Sensorimotor Neuroscience
Neuroscience: Information processing in motor systems. Organisation and contribution to movement of the spinal cord, cerebellum and motor cortex.

Dr Michael G Elliot

Research Fellow in Physiology
Next Generation Fellow at the Centre for Trophoblast Research
Evolutionary Biology
Evolutionary reproductive physiology, preeclampsia and other diseases of pregnancy, phylogenetics, computational approaches in evolution, animal models of human disease.

Dr Georgina L Evans

College Lecturer in French
University Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Georgina Evans works mainly on contemporary French film. She has a particular interest in inter-sensory relationships in cinema, and the workings of synaesthetic narrative. She has published work on the French films of Michael Haneke and Krzysztof Kieslowski, and also has a particular interest in Claire Denis. Her next project examines the idea of home in French cinema.

Professor Robert A Evans

College Supervisor in Economics
University Professor of Economic Theory
Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Political Economy, Economics of Contracts.

Mr Chris F Ewbank

Senior Bursar
Responsible for overall direction of the College's finances.
Dr Kristian Franze

Dr Kristian Franze

College Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological)
University Reader in Neuronal Mechanics
Cell Biology / Biochemistry
Influence of mechanical cues on neuronal regeneration. Physics in development and pathology of the nervous system. Retinal optics.

Professor Sir Richard H Friend

Cavendish Prof of Physics
Optoelectronic properties of organic semiconductors. Polymer light-emitting diodes, solar cells and transistors.

Dr Giuliana Fusco

Junior Research Fellow
Neurodegenerative disorders
My research focuses on the underlying mechanism of functional and pathological neuronal processes, including those associated with the origin and development of Parkinson’s disease and with particular interest in the trafficking of synaptic vesicles and mitochondrial dysfunction. In studying these biochemical processes, I investigate the nature of key protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions by using solution state nuclear magnetic resonance and cryo electron microscopy.

Dr Dorian Gangloff

Research Fellow in Physics
Quantum optics, quantum networks, and quantum information processing. Optically-active semiconductor quantum dots. Trapped ions. Control of mesoscopic systems.

Dr Jodi Simone Gardner

College Associate Lecturer in Law

Dr D J H (Ben) Garling

Formerly President, Tutor, Senior Proctor
College Supervisor in Pure Mathematics
University Emeritus Reader in Mathematical Analysis
Pure Mathematics
Functional Analysis, and particularly the geometry of Banach spaces, probabilistic methods, related inequalities and applications to classical analysis.

Dr Petra M Geraats

College Lecturer in Economics
University Senior Lecturer
Macroeconomics, international finance and behavioral economics, with a special interest in transparency of monetary policy.

Professor Zoubin Ghahramani

Prof. Richard Gilbertson

Professor Richard J Gilbertson

Director of Studies for Clinical Science
Clinical Sciences
Molecular Oncology
Children's cancer
Normal development and the origins of cancer, particularly brain tumors. Development of new treatments of cancer. Diagnostic tests and clinical trials among children with cancer.

Dr Robin E Glasscock

Formerly Director of Studies, College Supervisor and University Lecturer in Geography, Dean,
Medieval settlement, agriculture and the economy in the UK and Ireland. Landscape history.

Dr Peter Goddard

Formerly Master
and University Professor of Theoretical Physics,
Emeritus Professor, School of Natural Sciences, and
formerly Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Mathematical physics; elementary particle physics; string theory; conformal field theory; infinite-dimensional Lie algebras.

Professor Usha C Goswami

Director, Centre for Neuroscience in Education
Professor of Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience
Cognitive development in children. Cognitive neuroscience of literacy and numeracy. Brain basis of dyslexia.

Professor Emily J Gowers

College Lecturer in Classics
University Professor of Latin Literature
Latin literature
Latin literature, especially satire.

Professor Christine D Gray

College Supervisor in Law
Prof of International Law, Faculty of Law
Director of Studies in Law (Part IB & LLM)
International Law on the use of force. UN peacekeeping and enforcement action. Peaceful settlement of disputes and the International Court of Justice.

Professor Roger F Griffin

Emeritus Prof of Observational Astronomy
Stellar spectroscopy and radial velocities. Measurement of radial velocities with on-site 36-inch reflector at Cambridge. Binary and multiple stars; orbit determination.

Professor Stephen F Gull

College Lecturer in Physics and Astrophysics
University Professor of Physics
Radio Astronomy
Bayesian data analysis. Physical applications of geometric algebras. Astrophysical fluid dynamic and plasma physics.

Commodore John W R Harris

Formerly Domestic Bursar
Royal Navy
Professor B Jane Heal

Professor B Jane Heal

College Supervisor in Philosophy
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy of language and of mind; the thought of Wittgenstein; the interrelations of metaphysics, epistemology and ethics.

Dr J Holstein

Professor Geoffrey C Horrocks

College Supervisor in Classics
Emeritus Prof of Comparative Philology
History and structure of the Greek and Latin languages, medieval and modern Greek grammar and semantics, grammatical theory, historical linguistics.

Professor Deborah Howard

College Supervisor and Director of Studies in Architecture
University Prof of Architectural History
Formerly Head of Department of History of Art
Architecture & History of Art
The art and architecture of Venice and the Veneto; Renaissance architectural theory; cultural exchanges between Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean; aspects of Scottish architecture.

Dr Howard P Hughes

Supervisor in Physics
University Reader in Physics
Formerly Tutor
Optical and electronic properties of nanostructures. Plasmons in microstructured metals.

Professor Ian M Hutchings

Emeritus Professor of Manufacturing Engineering
Chairman of St John's Innovation Centre Ltd.
Scientific and technical aspects of inkjet printing; tribology, especially wear, the application of tribological principles to manufacturing processes and the history of tribology

Dr John B Hutchison

Formerly College Lecturer in Physiology
The role of steroids in neuroprotection and brain repair. The neural, biochemical and genetic mechanisms involved in the sexual differentiation of the brain and behaviour.

Dr Tom Hynes

College Lecturer in Engineering (Part 1)
University Reader in Mechanical Engineering
Aerodynamics of jet engines. Aircraft and helicopter noise. Compressor stall. Minimising the environmental impact of aviation.

Professor John Iliffe

College Supervisor in History
University Prof of African History
African History
Research in African History.

Professor Chris D Jiggins

College Lecturer in Zoology
Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological), Animal Biology & Zoology, Evolution & Behaviour
Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Speciation and the genetic basis of adaptation in neotropical butterflies. Population genomics in evolutionary biology.

Mr Ray G Jobling

Formerly Senior Tutor, University Lecturer in Sociology
College Lecturer in Sociology
Sociology and politics of health care and health professions, especially Medicine & Pharmacy. Psycho-social & cultural aspects of chronic illness, especially dermatological conditions.

Professor Peter T Johnstone

College Supervisor in Mathematics
University Prof of the Foundations of Mathematics
Pure Mathematics
Categorical aspects of the foundations of mathematics, in particular topos theory. Applications of category theory to mathematical logic, physics and theorectical computer science.
Dr Hannah Joyce

Dr Hannah Joyce

University Lecturer in Electronic Devices and Materials
College Lecturer in Engineering
Semiconductor nanomaterials for optoelectronics and photovoltaics.

Professor John F Kerrigan

College Supervisor in English
University Prof of English 2000
Shakespeare and early modern literature, especially the interaction between cultural history and British-Irish state formation. Textual scholarship. Poetry since Wordsworth.

Dr Fleur Kilburn-Toppin

Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine & Anatomy
College Lecturer in Clinical Medicine
Deputy Dean of Discipline
Clinical Medicine
Emeritus Professor and Fellow ;clinical director of studies

Professor Ann-Louise Kinmonth

College Supervisor and Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine
Clinical Director, Foundation Prof of General Practice
Chair Undergraduate Admissions Working Group
Member of Council
chair inequalities in health reading group
Prevention of diabetes and its consequences; development and evaluation of complex behavioural interventions; the place of the generalist physician.

Professor Tuomas P J Knowles

College Lecturer in Nanoscience

Dr Helena S Knowles

Research Fellow in Physics
Quantum sensing using single spins in diamond nanocrystals; Spin-spin interactions in mesoscopic systems.

Dr Graham Ladds

College Lecturer in Pharmacology
Director of Studies in Pharmacology
Dr Austen Lamacraft

Dr Austen Lamacraft

College Lecturer in Physics

Professor Christel O Lane

College Lecturer in Sociology
Prof of Economic Sociology
Economic Sociology: Varieties of capitalism theory. Transformations of corporate governance systems in Europe. Responses of UK and German companies to globalisation: reconfiguration of the value chain and foreign sourcing.

Dr Tomas H Larsson

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and International Studies
College Lecturer in Politics
Social & Political Science
Comparative Politics and International Relations: Southeast Asia, state formation, economic development.

Professor Ernest D Laue

Formerly College Lecturer in Biochemistry
University Prof of Structural Biology
Dean of Discipline
Structural biology of protein complexes involved in chromatin structures, Epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation. Cancer.

Dr John A Leake

Formerly President, University Senior Lecturer and College Lecturer in Materials Science
Materials Science
X-Ray diffraction for microstructural characterisation, especially of novel materials. Structure-property relations. Development of web-based teaching resources.

Professor Janet M Lees

Professor of Civil Engineering
College Lecturer in Engineering
Strengthening of existing reinforced concrete structures. The use of advanced composites in infrastructure applications. Development of cementitious products that minimise waste.

Dr Gilbert A Lewis

Formerly College Lecturer in Anthropology, University Lecturer in Social Anthropology
Medical anthropology. Ritual. The anthropology of Melanesia.

Dr Peter A Linehan

The history of medieval Spain and Portugal. The history of medieval canon law.

Professor M M G (Manucha) Lisboa

College Lecturer in Portuguese
Director of Studies in Portuguese
Nineteenth and twentieth-century Portuguese Literature. The art of Paula Rego. Nationality, motherhood and gender. Church and State within literature and art (Catholicism and Fascism). Feminist Theory, Object Relations Theory and New Historicism.

Dr Nathan MacDonald

College Lecturer in Theology
Reader in the Interpretation of the Old Testament
Old Testament
Pentateuch; Old Testament Theology; History of Israelite Religion; Ritual; Priesthood; Redaction Criticism; Inner-biblical Interpretation.

Dr Alan J Macfarlane

Formerly College Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Emeritus University Reader in Mathematical Physics
Applied Mathematics
Symmetries and supersymmetries and applications to integrable models in ordinary and supersymmetric quantum mechanics. Studies of exceptional Lie algebras in such contexts.

The Rev'd Dr Andrew A Macintosh

Formerly Dean of Chapel, Tutor, President, College Lecturer in Theology
Hebrew as a biblical language; its links with its sister language Arabic; the work of the 10th Century Jewish philologist Rabbi Jonah ibn Janah and his dictionary of Hebrew written in Arabic.

Professor Nicholas S Manton

Prof of Mathematical Physics
Applied Mathematics
Theoretical elementary particle physics, topological solitons and their dynamics in two and three dimensions, quantum field theory and supersymmetry.

Dr Hilary C Martin

Research Fellow in Genetics
Basis of common and rare genetic diseases; population and evolutionary genetics; using genetics to find new drug targets

Dr E Keith Matthews

Formerly College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Pharmacology
Emeritus University Reader in Pharmacology
Photodynamic pharmacology. Development of laser-activated anti-tumour agents.

Dr Hugh R Matthews

College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Physiology & Organisms
University Reader in Sensory Physiology
Director of Studies in Physiology of Organisms
Phototransduction and olfactory transduction. Calcium homeostasis in vertebrate photoreceptors and olfactory receptors, and its role in modulating their electrical responses to stimulation.

Professor Peter H Matthews

Formerly Praelector
Emeritus University Prof of Linguistics

S Mawson

Dr Helen McCarthy

Professor I Nick McCave

College Supervisor in Geological Sciences
Emeritus Woodwardian Prof of Geology
College rep on the Johnian Society Committee
Marine geology. Deep-sea sedimentation, geological record of the changing deep-sea circulation under varying climate, mechanics of fine sediment erosion, transport, aggregation and deposition in the deep ocean.

Dr R (Dick) E McConnel

College Lecturer in Engineering
Formerly University Lecturer in Structural Engineering
Structural Engineering
Composite steel and concrete structures. Light weight domes and large span roofs.

Dr Joseph P McDermott

Director of Studies for Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
University Lecturer in Chinese Studies, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
The social and economic history of China 1000-1700, with special interest in the history of the Chinese family and rural Chinese life. Additional interests include the social history of the Chinese book, calligraphy and painting, and state ritual.

Dr Stacey McDowell

College Lecturer in English
Deputy Dean of Discipline
Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature; the history of reading; ideas about private and shared experience, intimacy and sympathy.

Professor Duncan C McFarlane

College Lecturer in Engineering
Professor of Industrial Information Engineering
Distributed automation strategies in the industrial supply chain. Determining the impact of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) on industrial decision making. Architectures for reconfigurable manufacturing operations.

Professor David L McMullen

Emeritus Prof of Chinese
The history of China in the Sui (A.D.589-618), Tang (618-907) and Five Dynasties (907-960) periods. The development of Chinese Studies in the UK.

Dr Joana Meier

Evolutionary genomics
My main research focus is on speciation, evolutionary genomics and hybridization. I work on the role of hybridisation in the extremely rapid evolution of cichlid fish species in Lake Victoria. Now I work on the role of hybridisation in speciation and high altitude adaptation in Andean butterflies.

Dr A (Ricky) C Metaxas

Formerly Tutor
The use of high frequencies for industrial processing. Specifically the use of radio frequencies and microwaves for heating, drying, waste reprocessing, tempering of foodstuffs and so on. Computational electromagnetics for processes involving electroheat. Physics or arc/spark instigation and numerical modelling or coronas leading to arc formation.

Professor David R Midgley

Professor of German Literature and Intellectual History
Head of Department of German
College Lecturer in German
Cultural change in Germany since the unification of 1871. Cultural memory and the literary representation of memory in a German context.

Dr Preston T Miracle

College Lecturer in Archaeology
University Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Europe, Zooarchaeology, Hunter-Gatherers, The archaeology of food and the body.

Professor Eric Miska

Dr Robert Mullins

College Lecturer in Computer Science
Director of Studies in Computer Science
University Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Computer architecture and digital electronics.

Dr Jessie Munton

Mr Andrew Nethsingha

Director of Music

Professor Máire Ní Mhaonaigh

University Professor of Celtic and Medieval Studies
College Lecturer in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Director of Studies in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
Medieval Irish language, literature and history. Medieval Welsh language, literature and history. The Vikings. Hiberno-Norse relations. Inter-relationships between peoples and cultures of Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Dr Mark Nicholls

Secretary of College Council
Elizabethan and early-Stuart government and politics. Conspiracies, including the Gunpowder Plot. Treason trials. Sir Walter Raleigh. The history of the British Army.

The Rev'd Canon Mark Oakley

Dr Uta Paszkowski

Dr Uta Paszkowski

Director of Studies in Plant Sciences
College Lecturer in Plant Sciences
Reader in Plant Molecular Genetics
Plant Sciences
Plant Molecular Genetics with special focus on Cereal Symbioses.

Professor Ole Paulsen

College Supervisor in Physiology
University Professor of Physiology (1883)
Principal Investigator, Neuronal Oscillations Group
How the cortex of the brain encodes, stores, and retrieves information.

Dr Kate C Plaisted Grant

College Lecturer in Psychology
University Senior Lecturer in Experimental Psychology
Deputy Head of the Department of Psychology
Director of Studies in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences
Mechanisms of perception and attention that may be different in autism compared to typical individuals.

Dr Dhruv Ranganathan

Dr George A Reid

Formerly Senior Bursar & formerly College and University Lecturer in Mathematics.
Formerly Head, Office of Intercollegiate Services
Pure Mathematics
University and inter-Collegiate affairs.

Professor Stefan C Reif

College Supervisor in Hebrew Studies
University Prof of Medieval Hebrew Studies
Medieval Hebrew
Manuscript material from the Cairo Genizah; History of Hebrew liturgy; Medieval Jewish Bible commentary; Historical development of Hebrew studies at Cambridge.

Professor Erwin Reisner

College Lecturer in Organic Chemistry
Professor of Energy and Sustainability
We are interested in applying principles from the traditional field of Biological Inorganic Chemistry to Renewable Energy research. We design artificial photosynthetic systems, which either mimic photobiological energy generation and/or incorporate enzymes directly in biotechnologically relevant hybrid systems. To achieve this aim, a solar light-harvesting component is coupled to a suitable redox catalyst to drive an energetically uphill redox transformation to produce a so-called "solar fuel".

Dr Martin Richards

College Lecturer in Computer Science
Retired University Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Programming Languages, Compiling techniques, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Professor John Rink

Director of Studies in Music
College Supervisor in Music
Professor of Musical Performance Studies
Director, Cambridge Centre for Musical Performance Studies
Director, Cambridge Digital Humanities
Nineteenth-century music (especially Chopin, Liszt, Brahms), performance studies, theory and analysis, digital musicology, improvisation.

Dr Jason J W A Robinson

University Reader
The electronic and magnetic properties of metallic and oxide thin-films, multilayers, and heterostructure devices.

Dr Christopher J Robinson

Formerly Organist & formerly Director of Music

Col Richard H Robinson

Formerly Domestic Bursar
Ex Army

Professor Ulinka C Rublack

University Professor of Early Modern European History
The social, cultural and religious history of Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Dr Ester Salgarella

Junior Research Fellow
Bronze Age Aegean Scripts (Linear A & B)

Dr Frank Salmon

College Lecturer in Architecture and History of Art
Director of Studies in History of Art
University Senior Lecturer in History of Art
Formerly Head of Department of History of Art (2009-12)
History of Art and Architecture
Post-medieval British and European architecture and landscape history; the relationship of classical architecture with archaeology; the history of classical sculpture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Professor Richard J Samworth

College Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
University Professor of Statistics
Pure Mathematics
Nonparametric and high-dimensional statistics. Particular topics include shape-constrained density and other nonparametric function estimation problems, nonparametric classification, clustering and regression, the bootstrap and high-dimensional statistical inference.

Dr Gabriella Santangelo

College Lecturer in Economics
University Lecturer in Economics
Economics of Developing Countries

Professor Malcolm Schofield

Emeritus Professor of Ancient Philosophy
College Supervisor in Ancient Philosophy
Fellows' Steward
Has interests in a broad range of subjects within ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. Author (with G.S. Kirk and J.E. Raven) of The Presocratic Philosophers (Cambridge U.P., 1983 [2nd edn.]), The Stoic Idea of the City (Chicago U.P., 1999 [expanded edn.]), Saving the City (Routledge, 1999), and Plato: Political Philosophy (Oxford U.P., 2006). Co-editor of The Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy (Cambridge U.P., 1999), and the Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Political Thought (Cambridge U.P., 2000). Editor of Aristotle, Plato and Pythagoreanism in the First Century B.C. (Cambridge U.P., 2013). Currently working mostly on Plato's Laws and on Cicero's philosophical writings.

Professor Ben D Simons

College Supervisor in Physics
Herchel Smith Chair in Physics
Royal Society EP Abraham Research Professor
Biophysics of stem cell and developmental biology; mesoscopic physics; condensation and non-equilbrium phenomena in ultracold atomic gases

Professor Jim Staunton

Formerly College Lecturer in Chemistry, Director of Studies in Chemistry & Formerly Dean
Emeritus Prof of Chemical Biology
Biosynthesis of antibiotics and other medicinal natural products in plants and micro-organisms. Biosynthetic engineering of natural organisms to produce new medicines.

Dr David M A Stuart

College Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
University Reader in Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Partial differential equations in classical field theory. Soliton dynamics in gauge theories, general relativity and quantum field theory.
Dr Yuri Suhov

Professor Yuri M Suhov

College Lecturer in Statistics
University Prof in Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Mathematical Statistics
Dynamical systems, statistical mechanics (classical and quantum), queueing networks, random processes and fields.

Professor Simon R S Szreter

College Lecturer in History
University Professor of History and Public Policy
The history of demographic, social and economic change in Britain since c.1750 and the history of international thought in the empirical social sciences and demography. Founding Editor of www.historyandpolicy.org

Dr John R. Taylor

College Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Reader in Oceanography
Applied Mathematics
Fluid Dynamics and Oceanography.

Mr Stephen W Teal

Development Director
Development Director
As Fellow and Development Director, I am responsible for the development and implementation of the overall strategy of the department, which encapsulates all fundraising, alumni relations and administrative activity. In addition, I am the lead fundraiser for the Campaign, concentrating on gifts of £100,000 and above.
Filtering the Mekong River abord to track the terrestrial carbon cycle July 2014

Dr Edward Tipper

Director of Studies in Geology/Earth Sciences
College Lecturer in Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences

Miss Sylvana P Tomaselli

Sir Harry Hinsley Lecturer in History, Fellow, Tutor
Director of Studies in History and HSPS
College Lecturer in History and HSPS
Affiliated Lecturer in History and Human, Social and Political Sciences
Senior Treasurer of the Associated Societies
Senior Treasurer of the Palmerston Society
Senior Treasurer of the History Society
Social & Political Science
Topics relating to History, Social and Political Sciences, particularly Enlightenment political theory and Conjectural History.Lena Halldenius, Mary Wollstonecraft and Feminist Republicanism: Independence, Rights and the Experience of Unfreedom, The English Historical Review 2016; doi: 10.1093/ehr/cew223 Full Text: http://ehr.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/cew223? ijkey=ly8IebvWtJBasxu&keytype=ref ; PDF: http://ehr.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/reprint/cew223? ijkey=ly8IebvWtJBasxu&keytype=ref

Professor Robert P Tombs

University Professor Emeritus in French History
Modern French history (18th - 21st centuries). The history of Franco-British relations.

Dr Laura Torrente Murciano

College Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Dr Francesca Vella

Research Fellow in Music
Verdi; opera, particularly of the nineteenth century; music and national identity; Italian studies; urban studies; cultural history; transnational history.

Dr Christopher G Warnes

College Lecturer in English
University Senior Lecturer in English
African Literature; postcolonial studies; the novel; digital culture.
Dr Helen Watson

Dr Helen E Watson

Admissions Tutor
College Lecturer in Anthropology
Director of Studies in HSPS
Formerly University Lecturer in Anthropology
Anthropology of war and violence. Religious Nationalism, gender and inequalities.

Mr Tim Watts

College Associate Lecturer in Music

Dr John Weisweiler

Dr Andrew P Wheeler

College Lecturer in Engineering

Professor Tim Whitmarsh

Supervisor in Classics
A. G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture
I write about Greek literature and cultural history from archaic times through to late antiquity. Recently I have written books on late Greek literary culture (Beyond the Second Sophistic, 2014), atheism in Greco-Roman antiquity (Battling the Gods, 2015), and Greek and near easter fiction (Dirty Love, 2018). I'm currently finishing up a commentary on Achilles Tatius' rollicking novel Leucippe and Clitophon.

Dr Erica Wickerson

Research Fellow
I research the ways in which time and space interact in literature, and how the subjective experience of time and space is presented in narrative. My main research interest is modern German literature, particularly writers such as Thomas Mann and Franz Kakfa. My book, 'The Architecture of Narrative Time: Thomas Mann and the Problems of Modern Narrative', will appear with OUP.

Dr Derek G D Wight

Emeritus Associate Lecturer in Pathology
Former College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Pathology and Clinical Medicine

Professor Eske Willerslev

College Supervisor in Zoology

Dr David L Williams

Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine & Pathology
College Lecturer in Veterinary Medicine
Associate University Lecturer in Veterinary Ophthalmology
Veterinary and comparative ophthalmology, specifically age-related cataract, ocular surface disease and immunology.
Dr Alex Wilshaw

Dr Alex Wilshaw

College Lecturer in Biological Anthropology
Research Associate on the 'In Africa' Project
Deputy Dean of Discipline
Biological Anthropology
Human Evolution. In particular, the evolution of Later Stone Age technologies, human evolutionary ecology and population patterns during the late-Pleistocene/early-Holocene in Kenya and East Africa.

Dr Ian M Winter

College Lecturer in Physiology

Dr Alex Wong

Research Fellow
English poetry of the early modern period until about 1700; English Renaissance verse in relation to Renaissance Latin verse; Victorian literature, especially authors associated with the Aesthetic Movement; the essay; form, style and genre; irony. Working at present on 'aesthetic criticism' and the 'aesthetic life' as represented by late-Victorian and early-twentieth-century writers in the wake of Walter Pater.

Dr Paul T Wood

College Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry
University Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry
Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical)
Inorganic Chemistry
Synthesis and characterisation of new porous materials for gas separation and storage, and new magnetic materials. Synthesis in superheated liquids.

Professor Andrew W Woods

College Supervisor in Mathematics
BP Prof of Petroleum Science
Applied Mathematics
Dr Martin Worthington

Dr Martin Worthington

University Senior Lecturer in Assyriology

Professor Andrew D H Wyllie

College Supervisor in Pathology
Emeritus Professor of Pathology
The biology of programmed cell death (apoptosis). The role of apoptosis in response to cell injury and its relevance to cancer. The molecular biology of human colorectal cancer.