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Can Graduate Students be accommodated in the College courts? »

Not under the current College policy. It might be possible if a student has special needs (e.g. a disability). Single Graduate Students are accommodated in College hostels the majority of which are 5 or 10 minutes walk from the centre of College. However, in 2009 the College opened 40 new units of accommodation for single graduate students. These are located in an area close to the Main Gate of the College. The rooms are arranged around a courtyard in the staircase pattern traditional in Cambridge colleges.

Can I send my original application or a copy direct to the College? »

No. The College can only make a decision on the original application after it has been correctly processed by the University's Graduate Admissions Office, Judge Institute, Homerton Site, Clinical School and by the relevant department or faculty.

Can the College cater for students with a disability? »

Yes. Whilst selection is solely on the grounds of academic merit, we will be able to support a student with a disability more effectively if he/she discloses any disability or medical condition that affects his/her ability to study. We aim to plan support and provide reasonable adjustments as far in advance as possible for all disabled students.

Can you send me a Graduate Prospectus of the College? »

St John’s College does not have a separate college prospectus for graduate enquirers. Information about the College can be found on the College website and on the website of the Graduate Admissions Office, Board of Graduate Studies. The Graduate Admissions Office no longer issue a hard copy prospectus.

Do I have to be married to qualify for College accommodation for couples/families? »

No, students with long-term partners and/or children are eligible to apply for this accommodation as well as married students.

Do I have to become a member of my prospective Supervisor’s College? / Will it help my application if my Supervisor is a member of St John’s? »

No. Supervisors for most graduate courses are appointed by the department/faculty, usually before an application is circulated to colleges. Supervisors do not have to be members of an applicant’s chosen college.

Do St John’s favour a particular subject? How many places are available in each subject? »

There are no set subject quotas for graduate admissions at St John’s.

How long will it take for St John’s to process my application? »

We aim to make a decision on applications within ten days of receiving them from the University's Graduate Admissions Office, School of Clinical Medicine, the Judge Business School or the Faculty of Education.

Is it compulsory to place St John’s College as my first choice college? »

Not unless you are eligible to be considered in the Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships Competition, the Bradlow Scholarship Competition or the Luisa Aldobrandini Studentship Competition in the years when those competitions are active.

What criteria are used when assessing my application? »

Applications are assessed on academic merit. Previous academic achievements, proposed work in Cambridge and references are taken into account during the assessment process.

We wish to assess whether you appear to be likely to make a success of the subject you have chosen to read.

When does the College usually become full? »

Over the past few years the College has become full by March.

Will my accommodation requirements influence your decision on my application? »

No. Applications are assessed on academic merit. We do not ask an applicant to submit his/her accommodation requirements until after an offer of a place at the College has been made.

Will you still consider my application if it is posted to the University's Graduate Admissions Office after 31 December? »

Yes. If your application reaches the College whilst we still have places available then we will be happy to assess it in the usual way. However, you should note the funding and departmental deadlines for your chosen course which are given on the website of the University's Graduate Admissions Office.