Glossary beginning with C

A list of terms that appear throughout the College website, with their meanings.


Looks after the pastoral care of all members of the College.


Slang for a student taking the Computer Science Tripos.


Those eligible to receive a degree will be conferred to do so at a ceremony at Regent House. It is one of the oldest traditions in the University.


The Cambridge Online Preliminary Application is a required part of the application process for applicants from outside the EU, or for anyone wishing to be considered for a Choral Award or Organ Scholarship.


Elected by the Governing Body, they will discuss affairs involving the College. They have the powers to make decision for the good of all members of the College, and define duties of the College Officers and management of the property and income.


Short for 'Cambridge University Students' Union', which students automatically become a member of. They provide support and events, as well as campaigns on the students' behalf.