Glossary beginning with P

A list of terms that appear throughout the College website, with their meanings.


This is slang for Porters' Lodge, where Porters are there to greet visitors, regulate access and for members of the College to collect mail.


When an applicant isn't chosen for admission to the College, due to the limited number of places, they are put into a 'pool' with applicants for other Colleges. This is because the Director of Studies deems them still good enough for a place at Cambridge and gives other Colleges a chance to accept them.


Porters ensure the security of College and man the 'Porters Lodge' at the main entrances. They also assist with the distribution of internal and external post to students and Fellows.


This is the term used to describe a student who has earned one graduate degree and is continuing on to an advanced degree.


A college officer who is responsible for students that are matriculating and also presenting them for their degrees.


Assists the Master in governing the College and acts as their deputy. Also oversees the welfare of the Fellows and has a strong involvement in our research activities.


These are university officers who deal with disciplinary matters. They are also involved in formal affairs such as Congregation.