Glossary beginning with S

A list of terms that appear throughout the College website, with their meanings.


All applicants are required to complete an online Supplementary Application Questionnaire by the set deadline in order to make a valid application to the University of Cambridge.


Short for the Samuel Butler Room, it is the graduate union of the College and the common room it looks after, and is run by the graduate students.


A student who does exceptionally well academically and thus becomes part of the Foundation of the College, along with the Master, Fellows and other Scholars.

Senior Tutor

Overall responsibility for the educational needs and welfare of Junior Members.

Statues & Ordinances

Statutes are written legal powers granted to the College to enable the College to be self-governing. Within these are Ordinances, which is legislation defining how the College conducts itself.


The College Officer responsible for the kitchens and food in Hall.


This is the main form of teaching in College by Supervisors whose specialism is relevant to the area of study being taught. These are normally carried out individually or in small groups.