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Graduate life

The life of a Graduate Student is different from that of an Undergraduate; most teaching takes place in the Faculty rather than in College, and most of the lifestyle of a Graduate Student depends on their Faculty and Supervisor. Science students are usually based in a Laboratory, working in a group and seeing their Supervisor frequently, while Arts students usually work alone, spending a lot of time in libraries, and may see their Supervisor infrequently.  Unlike Undergraduates, Graduate Students are of all ages (21-70) and from many different countries, and many of whom have partners and children. The College provides a social base and support for all Graduates.


Graduate Students are allocated a College Tutor in the same way as Undergraduates and all other College facilities are available to them.


Graduate Students participate in all the sporting and cultural activities of the College in the same way as Undergraduates although there are specific graduate teams for some sports.

The Samuel Butler Room Committee

Other activities for Graduate Students are run by the Samuel Butler Room Committee. The Samuel Butler Room is the College Common Room for Graduate Students, and all Graduate Students at St. John’s College automatically become members of the Samuel Butler Society. Each year the Graduate Students elect a Committee from amongst their number; this Committee represents Graduate Students in College and organises social activities. 


St John's College, together with 3 other Colleges, has been involved in setting up a Nursery in Clarkson Road (Wolfson Court Nursery) which opened in January 2005 and caters for children aged from 3 months to 5 years. The Nursery is managed by “Bright Horizons” and each of the four participating Colleges have priority nomination to places in the Nursery, including places for the children of students of the College. Further details about “Bright Horizons” can be found on their website www.brighthorizons.co.uk

If anyone is interested in the possibility of using the Wolfson Court Nursery they should contact the Graduate Administrator in the first instance. Grants are available to Students to meet half the cost of childcare for their children and, in cases of severe need, larger grants may be made for this purpose. Students wishing to avail themselves of such grants should download the relevant form from the Student Services pages of the College website.